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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More Soon Folks.....

Just a quick post to say I'm still here. It's been a busy winter so I haven't had much time for a full update. Here's a quick picture for now.

It's the best that mid century America transportation had to offer,

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A full update soon. I promise!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

One Millionth Post War Cadillac Positively Identified!

Hi All,

Not too long ago we featured Body #891, an Emerald Green Eldorado that fit the bill as the one millionth post war Cadillac built. The color, options and vehicle history perfectly matched the description that was rumored to be the one millionth Cadillac. It even has a plaque on the dash. 

There was one thing about #891 that did not correspond with what was known about the one millionth car. Body 891 was built in January, the one millionth car was built during the week of May 28th according to a Cadillac press release. Hmm, quite the predicament. Well there is one sure way to solve this, get the "built" sheet to the car built during the week of May 28th, 1956. To order the sheet, we would need the serial number. The question begs, how do you go about getting the serial number to a car that is not known to have survived??? Well in this case, it wasn't that difficult. We just have to count to 1 million :) Here is how I figured it out.

In the back of the 1956 Cadillac Data Book, Cadillac list the production totals for every year. Below you will find the data book info pertaining to the post war yearly totals. 

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From 1946 to 1955, Cadillac built a total of 888,407 cars. This means for Cadillac to reach the one millionth post war mark in 1956, Cadillac would have to build 111,593 cars. The good news is all Cadillacs built have serial numbers that are sequential regardless of the model. So mathematically the one millionth post war Cadillac should carry a serial number that ends with 111,593. I took a chance and ordered the built sheet based on this math. It paid off!! Serial #5662111593 is indeed the one millionth post war Cadillac. This car pictured, 

is body #1999 built on June 1st, 1956. This car was painted in a special order custom gold metallic finish to mark the special occasion. It was equipped with a black and white interior, black top, gold grille, gold wheels, EZ Eye glass and heat. Here is the invoice and built sheet for this special car, enlarge for a better view,  

Note the text "Gold Metallic" were the paint code would be. Also note the CWC(CNC?) APPEARANCE text. Not sure what that means. Anyone know? 
The one millionth Cadillac is third from the bottom. Take note of the  "0" in the  color column and the SPR(special request) notation.  When special order colors or trim was ordered, a 0 was used as reference. 
  Some other info obtained from this paperwork. This special car was shipped to the New York City dealership that was owned by GM. It was not a fully optioned car either. No A/C, no Autronic eye or power trunk. Also important to note the price on the invoice is the dealer net, not retail. 

  Another tidbit. On June 1st, another special order Eldorado was built. The Elvis Eldorado was built shortly after this car. What a day for Cadillac history!
My poor attempt to colorize this picture 
  This "One Millionth" Eldorado may still exist. so please be on the lookout for body #1999. We should also take nothing away from body #891. It's an authentic fully optioned Emerald Green Eldorado Biarritz. A fantastic car by any account! 

Thank you for all of the support & Happy Holidays. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

In The Mood. The 1956 Cadillac Mood Cars.

     We are going to take a diversion from the usual 1956 Eldorado discussion in this update and talk about the Mood cars. I hope you enjoy my perspective about these special cars. At a minimum, I know you will enjoy the rare photos in hi-resolution.  
In 1956, Cadillac built four mood cars to display at the Motorama. Each car was a different body style and each "mood" was unique. The mood names were the Gala, the Castilian, the Palomino and the Maharani. 
 Of the four cars only one is known to exist, the Maharani. It was the car that had the most modifications and I believe that is why it survived. As you will see in the pics below, it stood out a lot!  For the most part the modifications to all four cars revolved around the interior. Upon first look, the Gala, Castilian and Palomino had interiors that could have blended in with the regular cars back in the day. The cars themselves were standard production line cars that were sent to the styling dept. to be customized for the Motorama. They all had standard serial numbers and data tags. My fear is they were driven, used, abused and then sent to that big salvage yard in the sky. I hope I'm wrong. Maybe one day, one of the missing three will turn up.  Let's get to it. 

The Gala
This Sedan de Ville was painted pearl white to suit the theme of the Gala aka the Wedding car. Interesting to see the narrow whitewall tires on Sabre wheels. The rest of the exterior is standard. Interior description below,
Click on all pictures to enlarge     
GALA INTERIOR - A strikingly beautiful combination of silver and white sets the decor for this Series 62 Sedan de Ville Cadillac interior. The armrests in the doors contain short umbrellas with silver and rhinestone enriched handles. The interior contains pearl white leather, imported ribbed satin, silver pattern white nylon and white mouton fur. These materials combined with the bright silver chrome hardware complete the impression of bridal festivity. 
The Castilian
This Eldorado Seville was painted in Starlight Silver with a white top. The only modification to the exterior is the long horn emblem on the front door saddle moldings. The tooling work done on the interior metal work is fantastic. Please be sure to enlarge these pictures to really appreciate the workmanship. Even the front seat moldings are engraved! Interior description below,

Click on all pictures to enlarge
CASTILIAN INTERIOR- The interior of this series 62 Eldorado Seville Cadillac is styled in black and white calfskin, black leather and tooled silver. These materials are all complemented by the use of silver nylon cloth. A headlining of square perforated white vinyl with silver Mylar backing showing through the perforations produces a star-like effect. 

The Palomino 
This Series 62 convertible was painted in a beige metallic to complement the western styled interior. In the close up pictures you can get a good look at the details of this mood car. You can also tell what time it is on the watch of the pretty lady :) Interior description below, 

PALOMINO INTERIOR - Soft natural Palomino hides cover the Palomino's upper door panels which are separated from the natural basket weave leather of the lower panels by a wide, gold-riveted horizontal belt. The seat backs of this series 62 Cadillac convertible are individually bolstered with natural Palomino hide within wide tapered bands of natural Buffalo grain leather. Pale gold hardware and seat finish moldings spaced with gold rivets add a touch of jingle. Palomino hide floor mats complete the impression. The Palomino is one of the four "Mood" cars being displayed by the Cadillac Motor Car Division in the 1956 General Motors Motorama. 

The Maharani 

MAHARANI- A specially styled roll-top cabinet occupies the right front compartment of the Maharani. The locker contains such appropriate touring conveniences as a folding table, a hot plate, a recessed toaster, a cutlery tray, cooling unit, coffee and water dispensers which are supplied from tanks installed under the hood. A build-in combination safe and ladies vanity case are also included. 

This car still exists. I had the pleasure of seeing it and sitting in it at the 2008 CLC Grand National. A lot has been said about this car so I will spare you the basics. Below are pictures that I took of the business end of this special car. 

First up is the data tag to the Maharani. This car was a fully assembled Sixty Special loaded with every option. No "SO" on the data tag for the paint or trim but notice the Shop order tag dated 1-12-56. From the body number on the data tag I can estimate that the car itself was built mid November, 1955. So it took the designers in the styling department roughly 60 days to complete this car.  

Here is a picture of underside of sink console area of the Maharani. You can see the crude underside of the custom work. Not too shabby considering the time constraints. 

A couple of shots of the rest of the interior. Notice the gold trim and mouton fur on the door panels. 

We'll finish up with a picture of the refrigeration unit in the trunk for the small refrigerator or "cooling unit" as Cadillac called it. 

Well thats all folks.  Don't forget to be on the lookout for the three missing cars. They can be hiding in plain sight. Just like this picture of the Maharani. One could walk right past this car and easily assume it's a standard Sixty Special. 
Learn more about these cars here,

A regular update to the roster is in the works! Stay tuned.  

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Emerald Green with Envy.

They say that things often come in three's. Well.... how does three Emerald Green Biarritzes suit you?

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New Info: Please refer to the following link for the One Millionth Car,

If you have been following the 1956 Eldorado Biarritz for any length of time, the above picture has just got your undivided attention. This dash belongs to the car pictured below, 

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This car is new to the roster. Body #891 was built on January 31st 1956 and is fully equipped with EZ-eye glass, heat, power trunk and air conditioning. It was sold new in Los Angles and stayed in California until 1991 when it found it's way to New York where it was rescued by the current owner from languishing away outdoors. In regard to the dash plaque with the One Millionth etching. This is perplexing to me because Cadillac records indicate that the one millionth post war Cadillac rolled off the line in late May 1956. This special car was indeed Emerald green and fully equipped just like body #891. If 891 is the car, why build it 4 months before it was time?? Either way, this is a special car. There are only 7 fully loaded Biarritzes on the roster, that's good enough in my book. If anyone reading this has any information regarding this car please contact me. In the meantime, click at the link below for more pics and details about this beauty. 

Next up is Body #1575. This car has been on the roster since the beginning. The car was last seen in Holland back in 2002. It was painted white with a red and white interior. The body number was not known. I was recently contacted by a restoration shop in the Netherlands that informed me that this car is undergoing a full restoration. I also learned that this car left the factory in Emerald green with green and white interior and will be returned to the original color and trim. The built sheet to this car says it was built in April of '56 and shipped to San Francisco.  

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We have new updated pictures of body #187 in Sweden. This one has been on the roster for a while as well but it's always good to get updated pictures, 

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Click here to go to the Emerald Green page to learn and see more pictures about each car discussed above,


Halloween is coming, be on the lookout for She-Wolves!

Not exactly sure what's going on here but apparently women in Denver were taking advantage of the stellar looks of a 1956 Eldorado Biarritz to attract men :) 

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